Third-Year Nursing Student Julyn Faith Oliverio Successfully assisted Twin Emergency Home Birth


Despite her fear and trepidation, Ms. Julyn Faith Oliverio, a third-year nursing student from Southern Bicol Colleges, bravely accepted the challenge to assist in an emergency home birth.

According to reports, it was the first time she cut a baby’s cord without any clinical instructor guiding her. What made it memorable and amazing was that she only used a few of her limited tools and the twins were 7 months old early.

Since midwives aren’t allowed to deliver babies outside of clinics, the second baby was delivered by a midwife at the closest medical facility.

According to Ms. Oliverio she saw what was happening and offered that she had gloves and some equipment from her OB bag.

“Pagka labas ko nag kita ako kun nano nangyari nakita ko naka higda na an mother tapos naka labas na an baby, so ako nag offer sa mga tawo didto na may gloves ako, may gamit ako so gin kuha ko an OB bag ko sa balay tapos dalagan pa labas”.

“At first, I thought I couldn’t make it, but wara ako nanluyahan san kursonada,” she added.

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