Jone Leanel Orog received backlash after the truth about her boyfriend’s death was revealed


Jone Leanel Orog’s Facebook graduation post became viral just a few months ago. Her post gained a lot of sad reactions from netizens after finding out that her boyfriend, Adriane Rovic Fornillos, died and never made it to his graduation.

However, Orog was bashed online after the truth came out.

According to reports, she actually had a sugar daddy, who turned out to be a church pastor. She was supported by Pastor Andales, both financially and in her studies. She was also able to buy Fornillos a motorcycle out of Pastor Andales’ money. Even Fornillos himself knew that her girlfriend, Jone, had a “sugar daddy”.

Eventually, Pastor Andales snapped when he knew about Jone and Adriane’s prenup shoot. According to the post, Pastor Andales did the unthinkable which resulted in Adriane’s death.

The post claimed that Pastor Andales and Jone even went to Camiguin, two days after Adriane passed. Also, Jone can be seen posting on her Facebook account involving Adriane as she plays the victim.

Netizens were outraged and disgusted after what was revealed on social media. The Fornillos family cries for justice for Adriane’s death.

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