Debbie Garcia Reveals Diego Loyzaga Called Her Amid Issue with Barbie Imperial


Debbie Garcia revealed that actor Diego Loyzaga called her during her issue with actress Barbie Imperial.

After the incident between Debbie and Barbie began circulating, rumours spread that Diego was to blame. Debbie was linked to Diego after the star ended his relationship with Barbie.

Debbie Garcia stated in a recent interview, according to the PEP report, that she and Diego Loyzaga are OK. Debbie appears in the movie, Will You Be My Ex? featuring  Diego and Julia Barretto star in this movie.

“We’re friends, we’re good friends. Talagang nagka-catch up kami. Pag may mga problem si ano, ‘O, anong nangyari?” Debbie explained.

She also stated that the actor called her and spoke with her.

“Happy rin naman ako na nung nangyari ang incident, talagang tinawagan niya po ako. Kinumusta niya ako,” the actress added.

She also stated that her most recent relationship ended in 2020. The actress also stated that she and Diego never became a couple.

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