VIRAL: Kris Lawrence Reacts to Alex Gonzaga’s Viral Birthday Video “normal thing”


After a video of Alex Gonzaga putting cake icing on a waiter’s face went viral on social media, she received criticism.

Despite the criticism, several people, including musician Kris Lawrence, have defended Alex.

According to Kris, he thinks it is common to put cake on someone’s face during a birthday celebration and is surprised when others feel this way.

Kris Lawrence said on his Instagram stories,  “So now it’s bad to put cake on someone’s face during a birthday? I thought that was a normal thing.”

Additionally, Kris added that the waiter in the video got the most attention he’d ever had and was presumably given “something” after the incident.

“People always have something negative to say. Let’s fast forward and after this event that waiter just went viral will probably get ‘somehing’ after and a LOT of sympathy, Most recognition he ever got as a waiter,” Kris Lawrence stated.

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