VIDEO: Dani Barretto Clarifies that she Apologized To Alex Gonzaga After Uploading “Viral Cake” Video


After publishing a video that shows Alex smearing cake icing on the waiter’s face, the content creator apologized to the actress-host Alex Gonzaga.

Dani previously shared a video of Alex putting cake icing on the waiter’s face. Even after her Instagram Stories post expired, some netizens were able to grab the video and republish it on social media networks.

Dani expressed regret for releasing the video because she offended someone, noting that it was not her intention to offend, especially since it was Alex’s birthday at the time.

“Of course I do have regrets, kasi nakasakit ako ng tao. Siyempre, wala sa intensyon kong makasakit lalo na on her birthday.” “Siguro, iyon ‘yung pinaka mabigat para sa akin, na nakasimula ako ng isang bagay na hindi ko naman ginusto,” Dani Barretto told ABS-CBN News.

The Gonzagas, according to Dani, are very important to their family since they are very caring to them. She also stated that Alex is a close friend of her brother’s.

When the video, which she had posted as an update on her Instagram Stories, began spreading online, the content creator remembered reaching out to the actress-host.

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