LOOK: Zanjoe Marudo Officially Confirms Relationship with Ria Atayde

The speculations that actress Ria Atayde and actor Zanjoe Marudo are romantically linked have been confirmed.

Ria often appeared with the handsome actor. In the pictures, the two celebrities appear pleasant to one another.

Zanjoe Marudo had previously appeared in photos with Ria Atayde and her family. Sylvia Sanchez recently discussed Zanjoe.

The seasoned actress expressed her support for the star for her daughter. Additionally, she described Zanjoe as “respectful” and “kind.”

Zanjoe Marudo finally admitted that he is currently seeing Ria Atayde. Zanjoe confirmed being in a relationship when reporter Karen Davila questioned him about it on Tuesday’s episode of ANC’s “Headstart.”

Without hesitation, the 40-year-old actor said, “Yes, parang it’s out in the open now, so yes.”

Karen Davila asked about Zanjoe’s plans for marriage, but Zanjoe didn’t say anything but laughed.

Zanjoe laughed, “Ang aga, 9 o’clock pa lang.”

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