A Toyota Innova Crashed Into The ” “Welcome to Roxas City” Post At The Boundary Of Brgy. Cudian, Ivisan And Brgy. Balijuagan, Roxas City


On Thursday, September 22nd, it was reported that the front end of the Toyota Innova vehicle was damaged when it crashed into the ‘Welcome to Roxas City’ sign at the Brgy. Brgy, Cudian, and Ivisan Roxas City, Balijuagan

All eight people remained on board, including two kids who refused to depart. The driver will observe that it is near the mentioned pole, according to information gathered by the source in BFP-Ivisan, the ones who attended to the accident.

It is known that the automobile is traveling in the fourth lane of the mentioned route. The passengers, including the two youngsters, were taken to the hospital and are in good shape.

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