The Body of a Sauropod ” a Gigantic Long Neck” Dinosaur Skeleton Were Discovered in Portugal


Paleontologists have indeed been hard at work in a Portuguese garden to discover the bones of what may be Europe’s biggest dinosaur, according to University of Lisbon experts.

A owner of the property in the central Portuguese city of Pombal uncovered fossilized Sauropod dinosaur bones while undertaking building work in 2017.

Spanish and Portuguese paleontologists worked on the site earlier this month to find something they believe is a dinosaur that was around 25 meters (82 feet) long and lived roughly 145 million years ago, according to the university’s Faculty of Sciences department.

According to the experts, the skeleton was classified as belonging to a sauropod, which is a type of plant-eating, four-legged dinosaur with long necks and tails.

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