Kiefer Ravena has Finally Spoken out about the Allegations of Cheating on Alyssa Valdez

Kiefer Ravena, a Japan B.League player, has chosen to break his silence about speculations that he is dating again, months after his break-up with fellow sports superstar Creamline’s Alyssa Valdez. However, things deteriorated whenever some netizens began to blame Ravena’s alleged new date for the split.

As a result, Ravena took to Twitter to “clear the air.”

“These past few days have been dirty and ugly. It’s time to put a halt to it,” he said. “Alyssa released a statement in May regarding our separation last January. We both agreed to move on peacefully and we respect each other’s decisions.”

“However, family, friends, acquaintances, and a lot of innocent names have been dragged into this issue… Rumors that I am dating anyone now are complete false and hurtful, especially to those who have been unwittingly dragged into this issue.”

“I’ve made mistakes in the past but I’ve learned from those mistakes. But these still do not give anybody the right to bash others… let’s be kind to one another.”

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