VIDEO: Nadine Lustre Reveals Her Interesting Life in Siargao

Nadine Lustre, a Kapamilya actress-singer, expressed gratitude and contentment with her stay in Siargao.

Nadine Lustre spoke with ABS-CBN entertainment correspondent Mario Dumaual on her simple living in Siargao. She expressed gratitude and contentment with her current situation.

She is presently dating French-Filipino businessman Christophe Bariou.

Nadine appeared on “The Interviewer” as a guest of “King of Talk” Boy Abunda and responded to questions honestly. Her connection with Christophe was brought up.

When Nadine Lustre reached Siargao in July 2021, she encountered Christophe Bariou through mutual connections. She even said her boyfriend had been on the island for eight years.

Nadine has also relocated to Siargao.

And, like just another fellow island friend, Andi Eigenmann, the 28-year-old star remarked that after relocating to the wonderful island, she learned that her life in the city was difficult by herself.

As according Nadine, she has so much happening on in her life in 2022 that she sometimes seems confused and uncertain of what to focus.

The actress stated that she is finding it tough to focus on just single thing due to the multiple happenings in both her personal and professional lives.

Even this, she stated that it would be preferable to just let things develop simply because she is the type of individual who lets things happen naturally.

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