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Experts Compare: Omicron Variant vs Delta COVID strains

Researchers in the world went into intense research to find out the difference of the new coronavirus variant that first identified in southern Africa, the Omicron variant. Health experts has to say that people need not to panic but make sure to get vaccinated, if they can.

First cited in Botswana and South Africa, consider this new iteration of the coronavirus, the report prompted concern among scientists and public health officials that is because of what they have noticed on this variant that marks with unusually high number of mutations that have the potential to make the virus more transmissible and less susceptible to existing vaccines.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called Omicron a “variant of concern” and earlier this week of December 2021, health authorities warned that the global risks posed by it were “very high,” despite what officials described as a multitude of uncertainties. There are several identified cases in 20 countries so far, to mention a few are the countries in Britain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Experts also noted that Omicron has not yet been detected in the United States.

Omicron’s discovery has prompted considerable panic across the globe, and because of this, there several countries take precautionary measure by imposing banning flights from southern Africa, including Israel, Japan and Morocco barring entry of foreign travelers from to and pro.

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