Tiktok User Lolliqueen Orders “Crispy Towel” at Jollibee Goes Viral

This lady costumer of Jollibee orders “Crispy Towel” went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Lady Passenger and her driver went up the drive-thru ordered a “Crispy Towel,” one of the Jollibee service crew looked confused and did not even retort.

He remembers the viral post of a “Crispy Towel” and still answered politely the lady customer. Angelique Perez Asked Help to Raffy Tulfo over Jollibee “Fried Towel”

Jollibee Released a Statement over “Fried Towel” not Chicken

Facebook user Keyrr Pasco uploaded the video and garnered thousand of views and comments. In the video, we can see that a Tiktok user name lolliqueen who ordered Crispy Towel. She is now viral on Tiktok.

We don’t know that intention of this lady who ordered “Crispy Towel” and there is no indication if it was just a prank or for views only.

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