Raffy Tulfo in Action: Mother Estella But-Ay Kneel Down to Daughter Went Viral

A woman decided to ask for help from Raffy Tulfo regarding her minor daughter who went with a man she allegedly met on social media. Her daughter is still 15 years old while the said man is 30-years-old.

According to Netizen, It is really a heartbreaking moment when the mother kneel down to her daughter. She (might) not fulfill her responsibilities as a mother but no can blame her, because she chose to go abroad to provide their needs. The girl is too innocent, she doesn’t understand what is happening. It makes me mad to witness how the 30 yrs old manipulated the mind of the girl.

Many were moved by the scene that the mother and daughter were facing. The mother could not stop crying and knelt down while talking to the daughter.

Netizens comments;

“The love of a mother is unconditional. She would do everything she can for her children. Unfortunately, the girl doesn’t appreciate all the hardships and effort. And to the 30yrs old girl’s bf, he manipulated the mind of the minor. The old Antie must be liable for tolerating the wrong doings.”

“Someday you will be a mother iha and you will realize that things you’ve done to your mother..It’s really hurt to see your mother crying.”

“The child is hungry for love and affection and she found it to the older man. The child needs help. She needs to understand that she is a minor and being in a relationship with much older man is wrong and a crime.”

“Sana sa lahat ng mga anak na makapanood neto, always remember this na kung kayo may problema sa mga magulang nyo, ano pa kaya yung problema ng mga magulang nyo sainyo na need nila kayo buhayin, pakainin araw araw, at bgyan ng kinabukasan. Mahirap maging magulang, kasi habang buhay nilang dadalhin yung pagiging magulang nila sainyo kahit sa pagtanda nyo. Kaya always love your parents, always be thankful na may mga magulang tayo na Mahal na mahal tayo. Kasi mahirap ang walang magulang.”

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