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Netizens Reacts ‘Bakit Pina-Tulfo Pa si Jollibee’

Tulfo is now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Netizens reacts to the complainant of Jollibee and asked why you asked help to Raffy Tulfo. They said also that all you need to complaint it through Jollibee management. Because of the Fame?

According to Manuel L. Quezon III Twitter posts, “A thread on our times: but the wide appeal of taking problems to Tulfo for vigilante justice demonstrates its appeal and why he backed the Great Eagle Father and why once in power vigilantism became state cover for liquidations applauded by the same public.”

Recently, Jollibee went viral on when one costumer complaint, Angelique Perez Asked Help to Raffy Tulfo over Jollibee “Fried Towel”.

Jollibee Released a Statement over “Fried Towel” not Chicken

According to @MaamSyj, “Jollibee is getting all those lovely support memes after the towel joy incident. OA kasi, pinatulfo pa. Proof that the bee is tops in the hearts of many Pinoys. I am not a huge fan but I don’t like OA complaints that could be settled with the specific branch. Tulfo?”

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