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Toni Fowler and Rob Moya, possibly to face in “Raffy Tulfo in Action”

Toni Fowler shared a screenshot of her message to Raffy Tulfo where she was asking for help. It has not yet been sent but it seems to serve as a warning to Rob Moya when he has not yet returned the two (2) vehicle.

It will be recalled that their quarrel took root after Rob allegedly used the money for Tyronia’s savings.

Toni’s daughter’s name was also mentioned in a vlog of Rob made her very angry.

This is because he allegedly asked Rob not to mention the child’s name because they want the child to be okay after being affected by their separation.

“Ah makulit ka ah binabast0s moko ng nananahimik ako ha? Paki balik ang dapat ibalik,” said Toni Fowler.

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