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Toni Fowler Request Rob Moya to Give Back her 2 Cars

Toni Fowler on rage again because the video reached her where Tyronia’s name was mentioned in a vlog of Rob Moya’s partner Whamos Cruz.

She hopes to stop using her daughter for the content that Rob Moya is doing.

According to Toni, she had previously asked Rob not to mention the child’s name because she did not want to drag her name again especially and it is gradually becoming okay from their separation.

Due to this incident, Toni asked Rob Moya returned the 2 vehicles that she also paid for. Even if it doesn’t return the money.

According to Toni, she only found out about what Rob was saying on social media because she was allegedly blocked.

Recently, Toni Fowler went viral on her new vlog was Toni Fowler as “Kalbo” New Looks Goes Viral.

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