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DNA Result of Margareth Mulleno and Aprhil Sifiata and Babies Unveiled in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

After the DNA result of Aprhil Sifiata and her baby was released by the laboratory with the record marked “Negative” the DNA result of Margareth Mulleno is now released after several week of waiting from Ohio, USA.

Video from “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” unveiled the result both of the two (2) parents who believed their babies were exchanged to one another in the hospital.

Aside from the excitement of the respective parents involved in the incident of exchanging babies, the netizens are also waiting several weeks for the said result. Everybody wanted to follow the story because everybody wants to know where to get the true baby in exchange of the baby on their custody.

Watch this video and learn the story featured on the program of GMA Network hosted by Jessica Soho.

Watch video here:

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