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Kris Aquino Admits She was Struck by Moira’s “Paubaya” Song

“Like all of you, natamaan din ako nung PAUBAYA music video/short film for @moirarachelle’s song,” Kris Aquino wrote.

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Kris Aquino is a popular Filipina TV actress. She appeared on many television shows and had her own show “Kris TV” back in the years 2011-2016. She also appeared on a popular movie “Crazy Rich Asians”.

On an Instagram post, she shared her thoughts and feelings about love as she connected it to Moira’s song “Paubaya”

“Paubaya” became a hot trend on social media few days ago. Many netizens were struck with the lines of the song as well as Joshua Garcia and Julia Baretto’s acting.

A lot of netizens speculated that “Paubaya” was a form of their closure as they broke up.

“BUT as you grow older, you realize- how you love evolves… hindi na nagbibilang… i’m not a halfway type of person- i want to see it through until there will be no more what ifs…” Kris wrote.

“the old me worked to be sure i’d be okay at the end, this time around i’ll continue caring about how kindly life will treat him.” she added.

“my interpretation of “sa KANYA” is that whatever happens for both in the future, let both surrender to God’s will…”

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