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WANTED SA RADYO FULL Episode| January 26, 2021 “Raffy Tulfo in Action”

Another episode of the public affairs program, “Wanted sa Radyo” hosted by Raffy Tulfo and Sharee Roman is now live here. The show is regularly airing every weekdays from Monday to Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Most of the complainants if not all are solved by the help of idol Raffy Tulfo as it is his main objectives to extend help by means of fast action of solving problems regardless of its nature of problem from domestic as well as abroad. The program regarded no one as long as you’re complained to idol Raffy Tulfo and if he finds out that there are lapses in your part, definitely you will suppers consequences from wrong doings.

The Sumbong at Aksyon is the most interesting portion of the program where complainants are telling idol Raffy Tuflo without reservation regardless what problems are all about, then the hosts are seeking justice and help the victims.

There cases in the program that after studying the problem, idol Raffy Tulfo must go against the complainant if he/she is guilty of the complaint even if he/she is the one bringing it to his attention.

Watch Livestreaming here:

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