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TinCan Films Confirmed Pepe Herrera the Leading Man of Toni Gonzaga “MY SASSY GIRL”

TinCan Films has come to finalize the lead roles to play the Philippine version of the South Korean romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl.”

The official Facebook Page of TinCan Films announces the news about Pepe Herrera to play with Toni Gonzaga in the making of the Philippine version “My Sassy Girl,” where photos along with the caption of the two Pinoy stars were seen together.

“Grateful for your warm response for our Sassy Girl. Today, let us celebrate the guy who will tell her story. We are proud to share with you Pepe Herrera as our leading man for My Sassy Girl,” the caption wrote.

The “Sassy Girl” was among the South Korean film patronized by the Filipinos in the country on 2001. According to the vlog of the 37-year-old, it was her longtime dream to make the film since the time when she was convinced by Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina to watch the “My Sassy Girl” as they noticed similarity with her and the most fitted actress to play the role.

“Sabi ni Direk Cathy, panoorin mo ‘yung ‘Sassy Girl.’ Iyan ang peg namin sa ‘yo. Dapat ganiyan ka, may pagka-feisty.” Toni said.

Toni will be portraying the lead role of South Korean superstar Jun Ji-hyun who was also gained popularity from the movie series “The Legend of the Blue Sea” with Lee Min-ho.

Scroll down to see photos of Tino Gonzaga and Pepe Herrera here below:

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