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Rudy Baldwin Reveals Next Vlogger to Die, Is It Donnalyn Bartolome?

YouTube vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome confronted the clairvoyant Rudy Baldwin to know who will be the next vlogger on her vision as she hinted in her prediction that another vlogger to be involved in an accident after the death of Lloyd Cadena.

As to recall, Rudy Baldwin has made a noise in the world of social media after her premonition about the vlogger to die this year in an instant death by cardiac arrest. The clairvoyant became the center of discussion last few weeks when her prediction comes true by the death of famous vlogger Lloyd Cadena.

Donnalyn Bartolome

Along with her premonition about the death of the vloggers this year, Rudy Baldwin also noted that another beautiful vlogger will be involved in tragic accident. The premonition of Rudy Baldwin created noise anew in the internet. This becomes the hot issue on social media as the netizens wanted to know about this gorgeous vlogger in the said tragic accident.

Donnalyn Bartolome

Recently, YouTube star Donnalyn Bartolome confronted the clairvoyant asking her if she is the girl vlogger in her vision. Bartolome wanted Rudy Baldwin to tell her frankly. The gorgeous vlogger has documented on video of their conversation and shared on YouTube as a proof what Bartolome has discovered from the clairvoyant.

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A few moment past, the clairvoyant finally revealed if the beautiful vlogger in front of her is the girl on her prediction.

Baldwin revealed that the vlogger on her prediction is not Donnalyn and it is someone else. Before they ended their conversation, Baldwin said that YouTube influencer is still having a long life.

Watch video here:

However, the online community expressed their comment, read them below:

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