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Rudy Baldwin’s Prediction About COVID-19 for the Month of September 2020 accurate? Netizens react. A netizen has shared this post from the social media psychic Rudy Baldwin. Her prediction was about the COVID-19 disease for the month of September 2020. Based on the photos that has shared by the Facebook user named MaeMae Min, regarding [...]

YouTube vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome confronted the clairvoyant Rudy Baldwin to know who will be the next vlogger on her vision as she hinted in her prediction that another vlogger to be involved in an accident after the death of Lloyd Cadena. As to recall, Rudy Baldwin has made a noise in the world of social [...]

Online clairvoyant Rudy Baldwin predicted the death of a famous YouTuber vlogger Lloyd Cadena who passes away today September 4, 2020. The online community was astonished with the prediction of the Filipino psychic Rudy Baldwin with her prediction sometime on December 7, 2019 about a blogger who will die in an unexpected time. Her prediction [...]

Famous psychic Rudy Baldwin on his post last November 2019, a scenario of worst volcanic eruption to happen in Negros Island. The post says the volcanic eruption is so severe that cause heavy damage to the people, properties and many more. Madam Rudy Baldwin Here is the post: NAKIKITA KO SA VISION KO ABOUT SA [...]

Once again a famous Filipino psychic “Rudy Baldwin” revealed on her Feb 1, 2020, prediction that a Korean star will die on a natural cause of death. Rudy Baldwin makes news in social media when her followers claim she had predicted the death of a famous basketball star Kobe Bryant that died on a helicopter [...]

Famous Filipino psychic identified as “Rudy Baldwin” recently published on her Facebook page about her premonition. According to Rudy she saw on her vision of a certain earthquake to happen in Bacolod and Sorsogon. On his official Facebook page he wrote: ” FEBRUARY 7:2020 SORSOGON AT BACOLOD .NAKIKITA KO SA VISION KO ANG LINDOL NA [...]

One of the Filipino psychic Rudy Baldwin predicted the death of Kobe Bryant due to helicopter crash in California. The psychic was featured in KMJS “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” Gma7. RELATED ARTICLES: ACTUAL AUDIO RECORDING: Pilot Reveals Final Moments With Kobe Bryant Before Death Due To Crash Here are his accurate predictions, watch the video [...]