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CREEPY VOICE: Raffy Tulfo To Conduct an Investigation in the Action Center

Following the creepy voice that was heard inside the Action Center, veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo said that he will conduct an investigation regarding the spooky voice in some of his videos.

On the latest episode of Wanted the Radio, Raffy Tulfo in Action which becomes trending on social media, on the episode “NAIYAK SI MR NANG MADISKUBRE ANG LIHIM NI MRS AT NG 2 NILANG KAPITBAHAY.”  This was after the netizens heard a voice whispering “Give and Take,” and “Pst.”

That gives the viewers as well as the staffs and crew of the station goosebumps. Also some of them had shared their spooky experience in the office.

However, the Raffy Tulfo also found out that before the building was reconstructed, it was an abandoned construction site from 1995-2010 and reconstructed from 2010-2013.

Moreover, Tulfo’s office has been vacant for almost three years after the first tenant who rent the room for three months in 2014 decided to leave.

With that, the broadcaster seek the help of Mark Yulo, the Audio Engineering Consultant Sound Technology Institute of the Philippines Mark Yulo regarding the issue. Yulo agreed to help investigate and the result would be released after two to three days.

You can watch the video here:

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