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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: John Regalas’ Health Condition Update And Idol Raffy Sends Financial Help!

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo the program features the recent health condition John Regala wherein the actor is seen helpless in the streets after suffering from liver cirrhosis.

A certain netizen take a photo of Regala and tagged it to Raffy Tulfo In Action, and here is the programs response.

Idol Raffy the host of the program asked the update of his condition and Regala reveal that he does not eat for 5 days and feel so weak, he added that his belly has a huge amount of water inside it.

Upon seeing the condition of the actor Idol Raffy cannot resist himself to help and send financial help to Regala.

Furthermore the former action star knocks at the hearts of the good people asking help to sustain his needs and other to procure maintenance medicine.

“Ako po ay nanawagan sa may mabubuting puso diyan na tulungan nyo po ako, dahil po hirap po ako ngayon dahil sa sakit ko na liver cirrhosis”

(I am humbly asking for the help of those people with good heart to send me aid because I am struggling from liver cirrhosis).

As of now the actor is under the case of Iglesia Ni Kristo.

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