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VIRAL NOW: RMN Radyoman Jun Alojado Capulot Criticize Call Center Agents As Lazy Workers And No Brainers

Radioman “Jun Alojado Capulot” of a Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) Iloilo is making round in the online world following after his statement that give remark to a call center agent.

In his statement he criticizes a call center agents as lazy employees and not using their brain cells in doing their works.

Jun Alojado Capulot

The controversial issue started after the interview he made with his friend who was also a call center agent, from their, his friend said, “Nami To Magtrabaho Sa Call Center Indi Ka To Mag Gamit Utok Mo” “Pwerti to ka tawhay sir pindot2x kalang sang keyboard sang computer”


TRENDING NOW: Call Center Agent Reacts On Radioman Jun Capulots “Mga Tamaran Kag Wala Ga Gamit Brain Cells”

“It is good to work in a call center because it is easy and you will not use your brain cells to think”

In addition to the controversial issue, the radioman also said that the work of a call center agent is a “no challenge work” because the kind of work they’re performing is a very easy work that requires no brain function that when they have a client they’re just simply pressing some buttons on the top of their keyboard and all is done.

On the other hand, some netizens who learned the actual work of a call center reacted and express sentiment against the radioman knowing that during pandemic, the call center industry continue its operation in order to sustain their employees on their financial needs while the economy of the country is down.

Some of the netizens said that the radioman should think a thousand times before he airs public statement so that the case like this can be avoided and also to avoid embarrassing in both parties.

What do you think about the issue do you have any comments about the issue? Kindly share your opinion and leave a comment down below. Thank You Readers!

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