Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to Arnold Clavio “BMW” Buhok Mo Wig” and Criticize Over Issue of Daughter with Sarah Balabagan


This video of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy documents on how the Kingdom of Jesus Christ leader slams Kapuso journalist Arnold Clavio.

In this video below, you can watch how the Appointed Son of God strike back against the journalist who was vocal against the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and used to make Pastor Quiboloy a joker in his show.

What makes interesting in watching this video aside from taking up the serious issue is when the religious leader is mocking Arnold Clavio calling the journalist “BMW” not referring to a luxurious car but mean to say “Buhok Mo Wig.”

Watch video here:

As to remember, the journalist Arnold Clavio and Sarah Balabagan had made noise in the online community just this week after Sarah appeared on video with her official statement that Clavio is the father of her first daughter who is now a 21-year-old and having her own family. The video of Sarah went viral online and shared on different video sharing platform in the internet.

During the time when the two is having affair, Sarah was 17-year-old at the time and considered minor the reason that Clavio was flooded with criticism online.

But according to a lawyer, Trixie Cruz Angeles she explained that the journalist is no longer criminally liable in the ground of prescriptive period as it goes beyond the limit in the since that more than 22 years past already since Sarah was impregnated. This maybe also the reason that at this time Sarah surfaced on social media to tell the world about her and Clavio after securing the safe of the journalist from being imprisoned.

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