Will Arnold Clavio Be Imprisoned for Sarah Balabagan’s Allegations?


The Arnold ClavioSarah Balabagan issue started after the shocking revelation of Sarah about her past with the GMA journalist.

It can be remembered that Sarah Balabagan made a video and uploaded in the internet available for public viewing. In this video, Sarah narrated the story of her past that she was 17 years old when she embraced a relationship with Arnold Clavio. This was happened after she arrived from United Arab Emirates where she was spending her time in jail paying the penalty for killing her employer who made an attempt of abusing her.

arnold clavio sarah balabagan issue

The most intriguing revelation of Sarah Balabagan was that when she said that Arnold Clavio is the biological father of her 21-year-old daughter who is now married. But the journalist has to answer yet the allegation against him.

Sarah’s revelation triggered the netizens to attack the journalist for taking advantage over the minor while Sarah was in the vulnerable situation at the time. Following after the issue, there is a legal clarification arises linking to the post of the former journalist Jay Sonza about the “Child Abuse Law.”

In the post of Jay Sonza, he stresses that violation of RA 7610 citing the possible abused in the part of the minor.

“kalapastanganan laban sa isang below 18 years old.”

The online community wanted to know if Arnold Clavio hold responsible for committing a crime against Sarah Balabagan who was a minor at the time? If proven guilty, under the law, the penalty is imprisonment with the minimum period ranging six (6) years and one (1) day to twelve (12) years.

Will Arnold Clavio be imprisoned for Sarah Balabagan’s allegations?

arnold clavio legal issue

According to a lawyer who is not involved to any of the parties, Atty. Trixie Cruz Angeles explained that the prescriptive period is to be the first to consider in the case like this of Sarah Balabagan vs Arnold Clavio. She said that because the valid period has already lapses, the charges of child abuse may no longer be effective against the journalist.

It has been said, that the prescriptive period is between twelve (12) years and one (1) day up to twenty (20) years. If Sarah was 17-year-old when it was happened she can file a case, there was a crime, but she failed to file a case and gets away with it, the lawyer explained.

Sarah said that her daughter with Arnold Clavio is now a 21-year-old that means that the time within the prescriptive period has already expired.

Another question arises if the state could file the case against Arnold Clavio on behalf of the former OFW, the answer is yes, but it will go back to the fact that the prescriptive period has to be considered.

Sarah Balabagan comes out to reveal the story where she maybe knows that Arnold Clavio will no longer be charged of child abuse, but according to her, it is time to reveal.

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