GMA, TV5, and Viva Interested in LizQuen, Ogie Diaz Speaks Up

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Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano’s handler and manager, Ogie Diaz revealed that GMA Network, TV5, and Viva are interested to Liza Soberano and partner Enrique Gil.

As we all know, LizQuen is one of the most prominent love teams in ABS-CBN and in the Philippines. The couple last project on Kapamilya network before the network shutdown was the primetime series, “Make It With you”.

However due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their show got cancelled and reportedly they will now stop airing their last few episodes due to the high numbers of infected of the virus and also due to the network that has now stop its operation.

As their love team is one of the prominent love teams, Liza’s handler, Ogie Diaz, has revealed that GMA, TV5, and Viva are all interested to get them. Adding their popularity and talent, this is truly undeniable for others to have an interest to have them.

However, on Diaz’ YouTube channel, he shared that the couples priority now is ABS-CBN. And that if their network has really nothing to give to them and if ever they will be allowed to transfer to other network, they will consider the opportunity to be given to them.

“As per Tita Cory Vidanes nung nakausap ko, gumagawa naman daw sila ng paraan kung paano maitatawid yung mga love teams na pino-protektahan nila at yung sine-secured talaga nila.”

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