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Viral now in social media is the term called “Ilong Challenge” inspired by actress Liza Soberano, wherein netizens post a pictures of the actress in an upward direction to show her noseline. Some netizens posted their own picture and looking upwards and compared at to Liza Soberano. Some comments Nakalayo talaga ng ilong ko at [...]

Actress Liza Soberano recently revealed she wants to quit showbiz. According to the actress she wants to take a a break from stress and enjoy life with her family and friends. Liza quoted “after the injury i incurrs and numerous projects that i lost, i did not know that showbiz is for me anymore and [...]

Actress Liza Soberano becomes viral again in her photo which shows a cute and wavy hair “Kulot” elicits various comments in social medias. See photos below: The photo has been taken from latest image of the actress in relation to her project in ABS CBN “Make It With You”. The photo shows the actress elegance [...]

Viral now in social media a hot photos of Liza Soberano wherein she shows her hot curved body photos of the actress. In tthe photo you can witness the actress in her hot one piece outfit in the beach which wows the dans whit a caption “the curve of the decade”. In relation to her [...]

Actress Liza Soberano to Enrique Gil “mas magaling akong kisser” hyped the fans towards their upcoming comeback serye “Make It With You”. As a little recap the two have been started shooting their project at the beautiful tourist spots in Croatia which excited both Liza and Enrique. According to the actor he missed doing soaps [...]

RELATED ATICLE: Watch TWBA: Actress Liza Soberano Admits To Quit Showbiz Know Here Why? Actress Liza Soberano may have a possible opportunity to have a project in South Korea teaming her up with BTS member Jin or V. The actress noted it’s her dream project so far. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (LizQuen) First Kissing [...]

WATCH: Top 100 Most Beautiful Women Of 2019- From Starmometer

Starmometer currently released the top 100 beautiful women of 2019. Here are the Top 100 List 1. Liza Soberano, PHILIPPINES2. Lalisa Manoban, THAILAND3. Urassaya Sperbund, THAILAND4. Kim Jisoo, SOUTH KOREA5. Kim Jennie, SOUTH KOREA6. Selena Gomez, USA7. Deepika Padukone, INDIA8. Tzuyu, TAIWAN9. Gal Gadot, ISRAEL10. Lily Collins, GREAT BRITAIN https://youtu.be/Bh8v98laF04 11. Priyanka Chopra, INDIA12. Catriona [...]

The fourth episode of BAGANI, started with the scene where Ganda was waiting for Lakas to accept her offer to stay on their tribe and train their people to become a warrior ready for the battle to defend their tribe from their enemies. The interesting scene of this episode is when Lakas arrives at the [...]

The third episode of BAGANI, highlights the exciting scene as the two important characters in the teleserye meet one another. The episode started with the encounter between the Mangangalakal Tribe and the Desert Tribe headed by Pinonong Dakim. While the desert warriors were facing the enemies in front of their camp, Lakas leads women in [...]

The second episode of BAGANI, the desert tribe discovers the mighty fighting skills of Lakas. Pinonong Dakim feared Lakas of using his power against him. Dakim use the weakness of Lakas mother and put her into a dangerous situation so that Lakas will be forced to serve him. Lakas thought that serving Dakim as one [...]