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Raffy Tulfo In Action: Atty. Gareeth Tungol “Idol Attorney” Of Public Service

Probably all of us know Mr. Raffy Tulfo, he is dubbed as the “King Of Public Service” and he is the host of the famous online program Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action.

Atty. Gareeth Tungol

But the talk of the town now is who is the new anchor of the program while Idol Raffy is not around.

Together with Sharee Roman, he is Atty. Gareeth Tungol the law advisor of the them public service program, where Idol Raffy consults to seek justice for his complainant.

Atty. Gareeth also is the one suggesting what is the probable criminal case to be filed against the abuser of the innocent.

But he is taken guys, he is currently in relationship with Raffy Tulfo daughter Maricel and they are having a vloggs together which you can watch on Youtube.

Meanwhile netizens praised him for his intellectual capacity for extracting probably statements to clarify the issue, so that he can supplement the case to be filed and find ways to let the abusive person for what they done.

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