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JANG LUCERO’s Death- 3 Passengers And ‘Mastermind’ Caught on CCTV

JANG LUCERO DEATH— The cops had released a CCTV footage of the nefarious death of the lady driver.

In the CCTV footage, Lucero’s suspect was her last three passengers and with the alleged mastermind of the crime known as ‘Althea’.

The tragic death of Robyn “Jang” Lucero becomes one of controversial the headlines of various local news outlets and social media pages.

The lady driver has been found dead inside of her own car in Calamba, Laguna. Based on some reports, Jang’s girlfriend Meyah Amatorio is one of the main suspect.

Recently, the police authorities have already released the CCTV footage of the alleged lastbthree passengers of Lucero last Sunday (June 28, 2020). The footage was taken a few moments before the victim died.

The 2 male passengers sit at the back while their the female victim sits beside the driver’s seat occupied by Lucero. A blue car can be also seen following Jang’s car.

Watch the video here:

Credits from GMA news report

The CCTV footage shows the faces of the three passengers who were the last people seen with her before she died.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Gene Licud of Calamba Police, the suspects could only explained why did Lucero suffered 52 stab wounds on her both chest and back.

Pro4A P/BGen. Vic Danao also called the suspects to voluntarily and peacefully surrender themselves to the police to avoid troubles.

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