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The tragic death of the Filipina driver Jang Lucero haven’t got her justice for her brutal death. But a netizens have posted the photos of a person taken in CCTV footage of where the incident happened and who take a ride with the Lucero before she died. Earlier this week, the police authorities have arrested [...]

Here are some of the last video of Jang Lucero before her tragic death inside of her car in Calamba, Laguna. https://attracttour.com/2020/06/jang-luceros-death-police-investigators-to-pursue-clues-regarding-the-drivers-death/ Robyn ‘Jang’ Lucero is a pinay driver who becomes the headlines of news outlets and social media pages because of her cruel death. Lucero has been stabbed 52 times on her both chest [...]

JANG LUCERO DEATH— The cops had released a CCTV footage of the nefarious death of the lady driver. In the CCTV footage, Lucero’s suspect was her last three passengers and with the alleged mastermind of the crime known as ‘Althea’. The tragic death of Robyn “Jang” Lucero becomes one of controversial the headlines of various [...]

The police will pursue the investigations to Jang Lucero’s death. The authorities will use the social media to find some possible clues regarding the death of the lady driver. Previously, the death of a 34-year-old female driver in Calamba, Laguna has been reported. The woman was found dead inside of her own car with multiple [...]

One woman named Jang Lucero, found dead inside her car in Calamba, Laguna. Jang worked sideline as a driver, using her own car, after she lost her job because of the pandemic. According to the news report by Darlene Cay on the GMA News program, Unang Balita, the 34- year old victim had multiple stab [...]