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Detail of the Story: Claire Gomez, Ivana Alawi and DJ Loonyo Speaks Up on Video

Claire Gomez surfaced on social media following after the rumored issue that Ivan Alawi unfollowed DJ Loonyo on his social media account.

According to the report, Claire Gomez is the reason behind that good friendship of Ivana and DJ Loonyo which tandem dubbed as “LooVana” went cold so far. But Claire clarifies that she has nothing to do with the rumors that Ivana keep a distance from DJ Loonyo.

The issue started when Claire Gomez show off on public on May 29, 2020 that she and DJ Loonyo becomes familiar each other through Instagram Live video which was also the same video went viral online.

But Claire Gomez noted saying

“Ayoko makasira ng ibang tao. Pero ako yung nasisira.

“I was just asking Rhems to clear my name.

“Na baka puwedeng i-clear mo lang na hindi naman talaga ako ang rason kung anong issues niyo ni Ivana right now.

“And he did that.”

Claire Gomez called DJ Loonyo as “Rhems” which is, in short to his full name “Rhemuel Lunio” who is now on China running for a dance studio business.

Claire Gomez is a non-showbiz personality while Ivana if very familiar to most of the online community as she is famous YouTuber in the country.

The non-showbiz personality explained that Rhems has already explained twice on his live video about the controversial connection both the three of them.

In the second video of DJ Loonyo, he admitted that his intention of courting the YouTuber sensation overlap while the friendship he has with the non-showbiz personality referring to Claire Gomez also budded and blooming.

DJ Loonyo admitted that he has a very special treatment with the non-showbiz personality noting that she is so nice and honest and true woman to talk with the reason he becomes sweet with non-showbiz personality.

Until one day the collaboration of “boyfriend prank” video of Ivana comes out on YouTube on April 7.

After the prank video, DJ Loonyo admitted that he fall into a special feeling with the YouTuber actress and regrets he did not tell her about Claire Gomez before everything becomes complicated.

DJ Loonyo also admitted that even if he is a single and not yet committed to anyone else but he should have to honestly inform Claire about Ivana.

Lately, DJ Loonyo clarifies that he has ended up her communication with Claire, while Ivana and DJ Loonyo are also remained silent until now.

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