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DJ Loonyo defended himself from the criticisms public has been throwing against him after his life story was aired in tv. Dancer-choreograper and Internet sensation DJ Loonyo has defended himself from critics about him and from his life story. Recently, Loonyo’s life story has been featured in GMA show “Magpakailanman” wherein we get to know [...]

Viral now on social media is the strike back of Aika Flores the former wife of Rhemuel Lunio AKA D.J. Loonyo and exposes the dancer dark secrets. In the statement Flores explain her side after the story of Lunio was air in GMA7 program “Magpakailanman”, pointing her as an irresponsible mother to their child. Flores [...]

Lauren Young responds to DY Loonyo’s fans who called her “mataba” and laos”. BAsed on our recent report, Lauren Young called social media personality DJ Loonyo “Bobo” over his opinion on wearing a face mask.  Her statement became viral after she received bashing from Loonyo’s fans due to a misconception about the COVID-19 mass testing. Soon enough, [...]

Claire Gomez surfaced on social media following after the rumored issue that Ivan Alawi unfollowed DJ Loonyo on his social media account. According to the report, Claire Gomez is the reason behind that good friendship of Ivana and DJ Loonyo which tandem dubbed as “LooVana” went cold so far. But Claire clarifies that she has [...]

Vice Ganda reacts DJ Loonyo about the meaning of COVID-19 Mass Testing. Vice Ganda decided to share some important information about COVID-19 “mass testing” He asked his frontliner sister to clarify some inaccurate claims and the meaning about COVID-19 Mass Testing.  The comedian DJ Loonyo on his Twitter post, ““Not to bash DJ Loonyo. This is just to correct ung mga maling chika about Covid tests,” the celebrity quipped. “I [...]

After the Chinita Princess’ controversial statement went viral, it was made into a cover song and not too long ago, she made a full version of the “Bawal Lumabas” song. Kim Chiu collaborated with DJ Squammy with the completion of the song. Despite of all the hate she received, she most likely turned those into [...]

Famous blogger Ivana Alawi recently revealed that she is in romantic relationship with rising heartthrob Dj Loonyo. Loony or Rhemuel Lunio rose to fame on his charismatic dance moves that capture the heart of every lady viewers. In the video you can witness that she and Loonyo are sweet together and they now not official [...]

Viral now in social media a new featured face in Facebook named DJ Loonyo, but the question is, who is he?, where does came from? and how does he capture the hearts of every women by his amazing dance moves? DJ Loonyo real name is Rhemuel Lunio, and he is now considered the new hearthrob [...]