Vicki Belo Shared Sweet Birthday Message for Husband Hayden Kho, and their Lovestory

Dra. Vicki Belo expresses her love for husband Hayden Kho who celebrated his birthday on May 20 through her Instagram account.

According to Belo, they met during Hayden’s birthday on May 20, 2005, and she never thought that they would get married. She also revealed that she initially thought that Hayden was gorgeous and sexy, and who also turned out to be the best partner in life.

Dra. Belo showered him with her heartfelt thanks for spoiling her, massaging her thrice a week, and waking up early for her to prepare her Zoom.

“I have never been so loved and spoiled in my life. You work so hard because you don’t want me to be stressed and because you want me to live a long healthy life.

She also narrated how Hayden would massage her for 1.5 hours thrice a week, how he would look silly doing her face gym exercises, and a lot more.

My love languages are acts of service so you massage me (for an hour and a half) 3x a week, look silly doing my face gym exercises, wake up at 4 am to prepare zoom for me because I’m so untechie . You patiently teach scarlet math, piano, reading so all I have to do is play with her,” she added.

She also noted how Hayden would shield her from office concerns so that she won’t get stressed, and how he would drop everything when she enters the room so that he could be with her. Indeed, Doc Vicki is so loved by Hayden.

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