NBI Confirmed Francis Leo Marcos Doesn’t Own Mansion & Luxurious Cars on His Vlogs

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said that Francis Leo Marcos is not that rich as he claimed and he didn’t own the mansion and luxurious cars as he said on his vlogs.

The followers and supporters of Norman Mangusin or known for his new name as Francis Leo Marcos in the world of social media were astonished that their idol was arrested by the NBI as most of his followers and supporters knows him as a Good Samaritan helping poor people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Francis Leo Marcos

Mangusin was charge for optometry violation, violence against women and human trafficking the reason that he was detained at the NBI.

Recently, Erwin Tulfo featured Mangusin in his program “Tutok Ewin Tulfo 2.0” with NBI Cybercrime Division chief Vic Lorenzo as his guest by phone who made shocking revelations against Francis Leo Marcos saying he is not the owner of the properties he featured on his vlogs. He also revealed that Francis Marcos is using two passports which is a violation against the law.

Francis Leo Marcos

In the video track starting 16:58, Lorenzo said that the mansion and other houses and luxurious cars and office were not under his name and he is not the owner of those properties he featured on his vlog.

Francis Leo Marcos

However, the netizens who became Marcos followers and supporters because of his “Mayaman Challenge” where he gives hundreds of sacks of rice during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) expressed support by posting their comments below the video.


Here are some of the hundreds of thousands comments from the netizens:

Francis Leo Marcos

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