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Four Children in Cebu City Left Alone to Survive Amidst the Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, movements are limited and some places are still under the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ.

Four siblings were left all by themselves, without their parents, while the world suffers from the coronavirus pandemic. The oldest among the siblings, Marjun, is fourteen (14) years old. He is in charge of taking care of his three younger siblings, Cathleen who is nine (9), Johnvic who is five (5) and the youngest Jesna at one (1) year old.

Their parents were not around since their mother died due to hypokalemia and their father was quarantined. Their father was exposed to the COVID-19 while he was busy taking care of their mother.

They never got the chance to say goodbyes to their deceased mother as she was immediately buried at a cemetery in Cebu.

Netizens felt sorry for the situation of the kids as their neighbors send them foods from time to time. 

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