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Healthcare Workers was Accused of Wearing Scrubs Inside Grocery Store; ‘Spreading Virus’

In the United States, two healthcare workers were accused of spreading the virus by a fellow shopper for wearing their medical scrubs while inside a grocery store.

blue medical scrubs

Based on the report from Fox-affiliate WOFL-TV’s, an audiologist named Juliann Roberts took a video on the encounter of her and a woman who “harassed” her and her companion at a Winn-Dixie supermarket in Florida, last Saturday, April 4.

She explains how the woman confronted them while they were shopping. The woman told them that it was inappropriate for them to wear scrubs at the grocery store.

Roberts tried to explain to the shopper that they don’t work at a hospital, but the woman kept on following them and nagging around the store.

Roberts said, “At first I was very alarmed, and then just a few moments into it, I realized we’re in the middle of a pandemic and are scared and that’s why this lady acting this way.”

The woman has also threatened Roberts that she will call the police because they had recorded there encounter. Based on the report, the store management eventually intervened and asked that the two parties stay in different parts of the store. However, no arrests were made. 

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