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In Bali; Hand Sanitizer Out of Fermented Palm Wine

In Bali, the Indonesian holiday island pharmacists are talking about the shortage of the anti-coronavirus hand sanitizer by making their own unique version. They will make it out from thousands of liters of fermented palm wine.

The idea was the concoction of Petrus Reinhard Golose, a police chief in Bali. He says he was aware that supplies of alcohol-based disinfectants were in short supply while what was left in the market was selling at a high price.

He prepaid 4,000 liters of the popular potent beverage that was known as “Arak”.

He asked the local manufacturers to donate from their stocks, and also immerse using its own funds to buy up extra supplies.

Also the staff at Udayana University in Bali were assigned with turning the wine into a handwash that could use to protect against the coronavirus.

According to the university, they had managed to produce a disinfectant with a 96% alcohol content within a week that will meet the World Health Organization standards.

They had added some clove and mint oil were to the mixture to reduce hand irritation.

On Wednesday, the head of the university pharmaceutical faculty, Dewa Ayu told the Agence France-Presse, she said, “So far we’ve produced 10,600 bottles of hand sanitizer using arak and Bali police have given them out to people in need.”

So far, Bali has reported 49 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and two deaths.

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