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Francis Leo Marcos Slams Arnold Clavio as Mr. Fake News

The social media personality and Lockdown Hero because of his personal assistance to the poor and less fortunate people during the Enhance Community Quarantine in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Francis Leo Marcos is making round following after the argument against Kapuso news anchor Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto for accusing his “Mayaman Challenge” as a scam. 

Francis receives appreciation and praise in the online world because of his generosity giving relief goods and cash assistance to the poor people and needy affected by the ECQ in the entirety of Luzon. Since the day 1 of the Luzon lockdown FLM had already given more than 750 tons of rice and still counting the other coming supply of rice which is about to arrive.

In spite of this act of generosity of FLM, Arnold Clavio is accusing against him as scammer.

In response to Clavio’s accusation, FLM is calling Mr. Clavio as Mr. Arn-Arn Pupet, “Malaking Mata” and Fake News, citing the unverified report about the COVID-19 in PH, “Nagkalat ang mga Bangkay sa Ospital” that he posted on Twitter but deleted later.

Marcos become more furious after Clavio called the attention of the NBI-Cybercrime Division Chief Victor Lorenzo to investigate the “Mayaman Challenge.”

Marcos shout out telling the people not to listen to this kind of broadcaster (Arnold Clavio) because he said, “if you do not listen to their news you are uninformed, but if you do listen to them, you are misinformed,” Marcos said.

To get the detail of the issue between Marcos and Clavio, watch video here:


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