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COVID-19 Adviser Carlito Galvez, Jr. Said “ECQ” May need to Be Extended as Cases Rise

The timeline for enhance community quarantine since President Duterte declared on March 17, 2020 affecting in the entirety of Luzon is almost done, yet there is still an increase of the coronavirus cases in the country.

According to the report published by the Philstar.com, Presidential Peace Adviser and Chief Implementor of the Philippines’ COVID-19 Carlito Galvez, Jr. said there are still no significant signs that the COVID-19 curve is flattening.

This is the reason that the national government is having door open for possible extension of the Luzon-wide lockdown, Galvez said.

Since the past weeks, COVID-19 cases continue rising every day in spite of the Department of Health (DOH) response that the increase is due to the enhance testing capabilities but record shows that there is a need for the extension of the enhance community quarantine in the entirety of Luzon.

“Yes, there is a possibility it may be extended because the threshold has not yet been achieved,” Galvez said an interview with CNN Philippines.

“There’s still the rise of new cases, and also the cases of the deaths,”

“We do not see a significant ‘flattening of the curve’,” he added.

On Saturday, the total cases of coronavirus in the country rises up to 3,094 and death toll of 144.

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