ACTUAL VIDEO: Sir Francis Leo Marcos Food Distribution to People on the Street


In times of crisis like of this COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world, we need people with a golden heart and generous with no doubt to extend help to the poor and needy.

There are a lot of people affected of the enhance community quarantine in the country especially poor people and low earners that relied on a No-Work-No-Pay basis that they cannot survive a with long period of quarantine time without foods to eat to their families.

A Good Samaritan comes out to answer the call to help the poor and needy amid the crisis. Mr. Francis Leo Marcos comes out from his comfort zone and risk his safety against treats of the virus to give foods to the helpless people on the street.

A rich man like him personally extend with his own hand to the needy without fear of the getting infection of the deadly coronavirus.

And because of his generous act, the netizens in the online world expressed appreciation to his good deeds. Millions of people are praying this man who stand as a Good Samaritan in times of crisis. Some wanted this man to run government office believing that the country needs like him. The video uploaded in YouTube went viral online.

Mr. Francis Leo Marcos challenges other fellow millionaires to do the same act of generosity to help the poor fellow Filipinos in times of need like this crisis of COVID-19 pandemic. His Mayaman Challenge becomes the most talk in social media since he uploaded his first video challenging fellow rich men and friends to do the same.

Watch video here:

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