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ROAD RAGE: Actual Video Motorcycle Drivers Riot Turns To Stabbing Incident In Aklan

Viral now in social media is a certain road rage happened in Aklan and turns out to be a stabbing incident.

Road rage usually occurs when a certain motorist cannot control his anger and end up in with a violent actions worst lead to a fight or henious crimes.

In the video you can witness a guy with a white shirt brawls with a motorcycle driver wearing neon green, the two engage in a fight with each other and it turns out that the guy with a white shirt lost on the fight, cannot accept his defeat the guy with a white shirt grabs and knife and stab the his opponent.

The guy in a green shirt becomes helpless as he receives a stab from the suspect.

Terrfied in the incident the witness calls for a police to stop the fight.

The police stops the situation aims a. 45 caliber pistol to the suspect preventing him to run and escape what he has done.


Meanwhile the guy with green shirt receives multiple stab wounds oozing with blood and he was rushed to the nearest hospital for immeadiate treatment.

The suspect is now in the hands of the authorities and will face a frustrated murder if the victim is alive if not he will he charge of murder.

Again in the road, we must maintain our calm and if possible solve the problem with a good talk to avoid this incident again.

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