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ASWANG Appearance due to COVID-19 in Iloilo Went Viral

We all know that ASWANG is one of the more pervasive folkloric concepts in Philippine culture. It is a combination of a vampire, a ghoul, a witch, and a beast. The Aswang is the subject of a wide variety of myths, stories, arts, and films, as it is well-known throughout the Philippines. They can also transform into either a black boar or a huge dog. Some say that they are mostly female and they prefer butchering as an occupation.

In this video, you can see people screaming and witness the appearance of ASWANG. According to Netizen, the face of Aswang is like a Cat that has wings. They also stated that creatures were also affected by this COVID19 pandemic.

Watch the full video below:

The video was uploaded by RJ Mondragon on his twitter account, the caption “If you’re ever wondering kasadya gd ya daw gusto ko man mag dalagan dalagan kag mag singgit singgit. I dunno if diin di dambi ang Aswang.”

Some Netizens said, “The giant golden-crowned, also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, is a species of megabat endemic to the Philippines. Panay golden-crowned flying fox. Iloilo is on Panay Islands.”

I don’t understand but I do believe they really exist in this world. ASWANG is now trends in social networking sites such as Twitter.

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