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Ria Atayde: Give Update, ‘Getting better’ After Mom Sylvia Sanchez and Husband Diagnose as COVID-19 Positive

Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde’s daughter Ria Atayde gives an update about her parent’s condition, she said, “seem to be getting better”. It was after the couple was reportedly diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We’re all doing okay actually,” “Mom and dad seem to be getting better as the days come along. Slowly but they’re getting there” Ria said in a text message on the ABS-CBN New’s reporter Gretchen Fullido.

On Tuesday, Actress Sylvia Sanchez revealed that she and her husband Art were tested positive on COVID-19 on March 24. She said they were brought to the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan. After that, they were self-isolated in their home. 

Ria said that so far, no one else in her mother’s household had shown symptoms of the COVID-19, but she said that they are continually taking it “a day it a time” in regards to monitoring their condition. 

Recalling, Christopher De Leon is the first celebrity that has tested positive for the disease. Fortunately, De Leon was now discharged from the hospital. The second one is Iza Calzado, also, the actress was now reportedly COVID-19 free.

And now, Sanchez is the third celebrity to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

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