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Just Now: Veteran actor Menggie Cobarrubias Passes Away; COVID-19 Test Results Not Yet Release

Domingo “Menggie” Cobarrubias is an actor and emcee. On Thursday morning March 26, he passes away. His niece Patricia Prudon confirmed the news on Facebook.  Menggie’s wife also confirmed that the actor has already died.

He was 68 years old and he died due to complications from pneumonia. Prior to that, he was tested for the coronavirus.

Based on the report from The Daily Tribune and Brigada News Davao the actor died in a hospital in Alabang, he was sent home by the hospital despite having a fever. However, the actor was tested for COVID-19 but the result has not yet been released.

Menggie Cobarrubas was a versatile actor in films and series. Some of his projects include Mauban: Ang Resiko (2014), Jaguar (1979) and Impostor (2010). He is a veteran in the entertainment industry.

In other reports, Ruby Rodriguez’s sister, Dr. Sally Gatchalian, who was a frontliner has also passed away.

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