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Hero Down: TV Host Ruby Rodriguez Sister Dr. Sally Gatchalian Succumbs To COVID-19

MANILA, another hero front liner succumbs to COVID-19 pandemic amid outbreak here in the Philippines.

 Dr. Sally Gathalian die due to COVID-19 as revealed by her sibling Eat Bulaga TV host Ruby Rodriguez.

“Say hi to Mom, Dan and Manong Robert. Be at peace; do not worry about us anymore. Have fun in heaven!” Rodriguez wrote. 

Dr. Gatachalian is a proud head of Philippine Pediatric Society and also serve as assistant director of RITM (Research Institute For Tropical Medicine).

Sadly RITM is the only testing facility the country and now doing their best to cater all the needs of the country to facilitate the growth of the disease in the country.

Meanwhile more and more doctors falls to COVID-19 pandemic, this kind of people really deserves a salute for fighting the war that the enemy cannot be seen, they need our support by staying at home and maintain a healthy body to be free from this deadly disease.

Let us do our part and help our front liners, support the mandates of the government do not be a pain in the neck follow.

As of now the country has almost 600 cases and 30 up reported deaths, if you do not cooperate will be listed as one of them.

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