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JUST NOW: DILG Chief Eduardo Año Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Interior Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the National Action Plan Council Against COVID-19 Eduardo Año tested positive of Coronavirus.

He confirmed himself in a statement on Tuesday night saying that he got tested after knowing that the four people in contact with him were tested positive.

According to the report published by the Inquirer.Net, Año admitted that he got tested on March 27, 2020 and waiting for the result after 4 days which arrived today and found out result was positive.

“I make this announcement to call the attention of all persons I had close contact with to go on self-quarantine and observe any symptoms, in accordance with DOH (Department of Health) guidelines,” Año said.

He also noted that he exhibits no symptoms and he said he is to continue his work on his home.

“The result of my test will not in any way dampen my spirit and energy to do my job,” he said.

He also gives advice to the public to stay at home and always observe social distancing.

The Philippines is currently having 2,084 total confirmed cases of coronavirus and death toll of 88 as of writing.

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