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JUST IN: DOH Reports 272 New Cases A Massive Spike Of COVID-19 Positive In The Philippines

JUST IN, DOH reports additional 272 new cases of COVID-19, this update is considered to be a massive spike to the total number of infected which now rise up to 1,075 in just a matter of day.

The said number eventually goes up because the country now has the capacity to test the patients under monitoring due to the fast arrival of COVID-19 test kits.

Meanwhile according to reports the rise up of the number of patients is so alarming because some medical hospital recently announced that they will not accept more COVID-19 cases due to lack of room and facility to cater the patients.

It is expected to grow more in number considering the fact that there are more PUM and PUI had not been tested yet and some people in the hospital died not known if he or she is positive of the virus.

Again DOH strongly urged that people should stay inside their home and avoid going out to public places because this is not a joke, the virus is so deadly specially to the vulnerable person like the elderly and the people with underlying conditions like hypertension, diabetes and many more.

Please cooperate and understand the mandates of the government because this is for your own good.

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