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ACTUAL VIDEO: Heart-Melting Serenade of Hospital Staff to their Fellow Frontliners Assigned in COVID Ward

The fight against unseen enemy like the coronavirus is hard to determine where to go and when to end and what best weapon to destroy against the killer disease.

Hospital staff and medical team combine forces to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that is now on its way of invading mankind bringing panic and calamity to every living being in the world today.

Doctors, nurses and hospital employees of Medical City inspire their fellow frontliners who were assigned to perform duty in the COVID ward of the hospital by means of a serenade.

Beyond measure, they are the people at risk and risk their lives with their incomparable service to make other people saved and away from the tendency of getting infected of the deadly coronavirus through their honorable duty.

But the saddest part of their combat against the unseen enemy are the lives of their fellow frontliners of ten (10) doctors who died in the battlefield. Most of them suffered the same degree of pain from severe complication due to the said disease of coronavirus.

Despite of challenges and danger of losing their lives just like some of their fellow who passes away, the team of frontliners are still courageous to face the risk of losing life in behalf of their “call of duty”.

To show support, inspire, motivate and recognize their effort and count gratitude of what they are doing, the staff of Medical City serenaded those frontliners assigned in the COVID ward.

The song really inspired them reminding them they are not alone. And you can be inspired as well once you watch this video posted by a netizen under the Facebook account of “Sheila A Ngo – Sacro.” The video caught the attention of the netizens and went viral online with more than 27,000 shares on Facebook.

The serenade of the Medical City staff touches the heart of everyone watching the video and gives strength to the fellow workers assigned as a frontliner.

Our team also salute your heroic act in your call of duty. May God protect all of you and make everyone safe in your fight against the invisible virus.

We, in our part cooperate by staying at home. We will win together.

God bless us all.

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